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Bright Shoemakers is a danish footwear brand from 2015 founded by Martin Vestphael.
Bright Shoemakers honor the old art of shoe making. Our footwear is handmade at a family run shoe factory in Spain with more than 100 years of experience in artisanal shoe making. 

We take the utmost pride in every single detail and strive for the best uncompromised quality on the market. 

Our policy is to not skip any corners.
Creating 1 pair of Bright Shoemakers boots involves roughly 200 skilled shoe makers and around 250 production stages before final result.

Our leathers come from renowned tanneries in Spain and Italy.
Our vegetable tanned leathers take up to 2,5 years in production, all for the enjoyment of your feet!

Bright Skór - Western Derby - Black

79,900 kr.

Bright Skór - Lace Boot - Black

84,900 kr.

Bright Skór - Lace Boot - Mole

84,900 kr.

Bright Skór - Western Derby - Cognac

79,900 kr.